WiFi 100: The Complete Guide To Wireless

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The WiFI Wizard 100 Series was made for aspiring and intermediate WiFi technicians like yourself to go from 0 to 100 in the areas that matter most for your company and your customers. You get over 6 hours of quality video and interactive training content with dozens of resources to help you in your training path.

In the WiFI-Wizard series, Scott Yates--the WiFi Wizard himself--personally trains you using decades of wisdom in techniques and tools that have made him successful in setting up and perfecting wireless and network configurations from NASA and Federal institutions to large companies and their facilities. Scott knows his stuff, and he has worked with Branding Tools to package this course for you to become a WiFi master.

Here are a few objectives of this course:

Establish a proven foundation in WiFi technology with this guide for beginners and intermediate learners.

Build your knowledge of consumer and commercial WiFi technology with this guide from beginners to expert learners.

Establish your expertise in observing, conducting and designing WiFi environments with this guide for beginner to expert learners.

Develop quality troubleshooting skills and abilities with this guide for beginner to expert learners.

Master safe and secure Wireless configurations on personal and professional WiFi systems with this guide for beginner to expert learners.

This course bundle gives you a 20% off price of the whole, so we hope you will get to enjoy the entire course. We also offer discount if you have purchased one or two of the existing courses.

We hope you enjoy and wish you the best on your way to becoming a WiFi-Wizard today!

The WiFi Wizard Team

WiFi 100: The Complete Guide To Wireless includes these courses

WiFI 101: Learn Wireless Networking Setups And Systems From Scratch
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WiFi 102: The Expert's Roadmap To Routers & Access Points
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WiFi-103: Master The ART Of The Site Survey
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WiFi-104: Expert Techniques In WiFi Troubleshooting
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WiFi-105 Cracking Wireless Security, Intrusion Detection & Prevention
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